Have you been reluctant to upgrade from your basic phone into a smartphone? Do you think a smartphone would have too many bells and whistles that you don’t need? Are you afraid you won’t understand how to run it? A smartphone can be a scary thing to think about, but in all reality they make your life easier! Here are 10 reasons why smartphones are a necessity this day in age, and why switching to one will be the best decision you could make. If you are on the fence about getting one, give it a try – There are millions of people who have done so already, and could never go back to a basic phone.

At last, these are the ultimate reasons to make the switch. Remember, a smartphone can be as easy as you make it, and these 10 reasons will in turn make your life easier.
Drum roll please…

1. Information at your fingertips –

Have you ever been in an argument with a friend about something and you are certain that you are correct, but they do not believe you? With a smartphone you can easily find that information in no time. Not only does a smartphone come in handy for solving arguments, but it is also a great way to search anything quickly and easily. Want to know what movies are playing? Search it wherever you are with your phone. Want to know who won the Twins game? Google it on your phone. Want to know how long you should bake a cake? It’s all simply found right from your phone. You have all the information you need at your fingertips every day.

2. Camera –

The best camera is the one you have with you. Most people would never leave the house without their phone, so the next time you forget to bring your camera to a wedding, or the next time you see the most beautiful sunset – you’re in luck because of the camera on your smartphone. Most phones have shortcuts to quickly and easily bring up the camera, and then with one click you’re done! Never miss out on special moments again!

Oh, and by the way, you can take SO MANY cat photos!!

3. Navigation –

Ever been lost while driving in a big city, or have you ever just wanted to find the nearest restaurant or shopping mall? Save money on buying those old paper maps or a separate GPS device. Now all smartphones have FREE voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation. Your phone’s location services automatically pick up your location, so all you have to do is type in the address of your destination and your smartphone will tell you which roads you will need to turn on. You will never get lost again, and you can find that burrito you are craving.

4. News/Weather –

Do you love keeping up with what is going on in the world? You can download any news app you prefer on a smartphone. Choose between CNN, Fox News, Yahoo!, ESPN, or whichever ones you like the best and stay updated on current events. You can even set your phone to alert you of breaking news.

Also, if it looks like a storm might be coming your way, but you are nowhere near your computer, just check the radar right from your smartphone and find shelter. Know what the weather will be like at all times.

5. Utilities (flashlight, level, calculator, compass, etc.) –

Do you carry a flashlight in your car in case of emergency? Now you don’t need to because you can use your phone’s camera light as a flashlight!

Have you tried hanging a shelf, only to forget the level in the garage? Save yourself the time and energy and use your phone.

Need to figure out how much a 15% tip is on a $47.36 bill at your favorite restaurant? Use the calculator on your phone!

Need to set an alarm? Use your phone as your morning alarm clock, cooking timer, stopwatch, and more.

We’ve all been in a situation where we could have used any of these utilities, and now you can have them on you at all times.

6. Social Media –

You can easily stay connected with your friends, family, and even your favorite celebrities with a smartphone. Chances are you have a Facebook account because you like to see what everybody is up to, or you maybe love waiting for new pictures of your niece/nephew. With a smartphone you can engage with friends and family, post new photos, update your status, and defeat boredom.

7. Email –

This is especially useful if you are a workaholic because you can always stay up-to-date with your work emails. No more wasting productivity when you are traveling because you can get important things done right on your phone.

8. Reminders –

Reminders can be the most useful app on your phone. Need to remember to bring milk home after work? Have your phone vibrate and remind you at 5 o’clock. Struggle remembering your anniversary? You’ll never miss one again with a reminder app, and you can even remind yourself to pick up the flowers! We have so much to remember already in our busy world – let your phone help you.

9. Notes –

Are you one of those people that carries a notebook around with you wherever you go so you can jot down all of your brilliant ideas? Ditch the notebook and start using a note app on your phone! This can be useful for any great idea that you come up with, or even as a grocery list!

10. Entertainment (books, magazines, music, games) –

Smartphones are now your complete entertainment system. You can download full length movies, or if you have an account, watch Netflix. Listen to your favorite songs by downloading them and using your phone as an MP3 player, or use free apps like YouTube, Pandora, or iHeartRadio for example. Download your favorite books or magazines to be read at any time and even use your phone as a Kindle or Nook reader. You also have thousands and thousands of games you can download, most of them for free, to play and pass time. The possibilities are endless.

As you can see, there is so much you can do with a smartphone and it may seem scary, but the helpful staff at Nuvera TechTrends will help you the whole way. Smartphones are meant to make your life easier, and the staff will be there for any questions you may have. Smartphones are essentially multiple devices wrapped into one, and can save you a lot of money compared to buying all the devices (camera, MP3 player, navigation, etc.) separately. Stop in and let us help, plus receive a $100 signing bonus per line and unlimited data when you get a new phone during April!

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