Disasters come in many forms including power failure, virus attacks, server failure and even floods and tornados. Data loss and downtime can be extremely costly to businesses of all sizes. Is your business prepared? Nuvera’s Disaster Recovery ensures your data, key functions and essential services continue operation with minimal downtime.


  • Maintain Productivity and the Ability to Generate Revenue

    If you experience downtime for any reason, you can’t conduct business as usual, which usually means losing money. Whether its entering customer orders, responding to emails or accessing data, downtime has a negative effect. Nuvera’s Disaster Recovery assures your business can quickly recover after a disaster and minimize downtime.

  • Conserve Resources

    Nuvera’s cloud-based Disaster Recovery doesn’t require the huge up-front capital investment of purchasing, setting up and maintaining equipment.

  • Faster Response

    When a true disaster occurs, many businesses may find implementing their disaster recovery solution takes longer than they expected. Or they may find that their data is not recoverable in the way they thought. Nuvera’s Disaster Recovery guarantees your business will be prepared.

  • More Flexible

    By using the Nuvera’s cloud service, your business won’t need to worry about choosing a location for a disaster recovery facility that won’t face the same disaster. Your data is securely backup on our redundant system, allowing it to be completely restored more quickly. Plus, you’ll only pay for the data space your business needs.

  • Preserve Your Company’s Reputation

    Downtime can have more than just financial impacts. Partners and customers could lose trust in your business causing long-term reputational costs. Disaster recovery will help ensure you’re always able to serve your customers and avert them from checking out the competition.

  • Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulations

    The effects of downtime can be harmful for any business, but the consequences could be greater for businesses subject to industry regulations that require them to have sensitive information available for immediate access at all times. Nuvera’s Disaster Recovery ensures your business won’t have to worry about compliance violations related to data loss and downtime.

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