Nuvera’s hosted dedicated servers let you focus on what’s important – your business. Perfect for any size company, with or without IT staff, you’re in control of your information, yet have access to Nuvera’s team of experts. Other benefits include:


  • A Secure Dedicated Connection

    Big name companies offer hosted dedicated servers, but utilizing your Internet connection. With Nuvera servers, we create a dedicated connection from our office to your business. It’s extremely secure and does not use up your bandwidth that you need for other things.

  • Decreased Downtime

    When you rely on one server at your location, you’re without service if it goes down. Choosing a hosted dedicated server with Nuvera guarantees maximum uptime for your operations since we utilize a cluster of machines that are replicated.

  • Save Money

    Make easy-to-manage monthly payments and save money with no expensive equipment purchases, maintenance costs or the expense of paying someone to maintain your equipment.

  • Protection from Disasters

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe. With your server housed at Nuvera, your important data is protected in the event you have an unfortunate fire or disaster at your office.

  • Access to Nuvera’s Team of Experts

    Our staff of experts will listen to your company needs, and then work with you to determine your RAM, hard drive, processor and software requirements. We’re here to answer your questions after you’re up and running too.

  • Nuvera’s team of experts will work with you to create a customized Wi-Fi solution that works best for your business needs.

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