Agri Trading’s Internet and phone service could have been out for over a week until Nuvera saved the day

Industry: Agricultural/By-product
Location: Hutchinson, MN
Nuvera Solution: Network Recovery, Managed Router and Hosted Server
Website: agritradingcorp.com


About Agri-Trading

Agri Trading in Hutchinson has been partnering with their customers since 1977, becoming an industry leader in shipping fats, oils, restaurant grease and agricultural feed ingredients throughout the United States. They manage all aspects of transportation, logistics and export services. Their ability to provide on-time pick- up and delivery ensures they consistently meet the needs of their suppliers and customers.

Agri-Trading’s Challenge

Unfortunately, sometimes technology fails, and your business is left suffering. This is exactly what happened for Agri Trading. They had a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch from a competing service provider fail. Their former provider was not able to get them a new network switch for 10 days, which meant their business would be left with no Internet or phone service during that duration.

Why They Chose Nuvera

Lucky for Agri Trading, Nuvera has a local office in the city of Hutchinson. They contacted the Nuvera IT team, who had a spare 48 port PoE switch on-hand. Nuvera borrowed them the switch to get their phones and Internet restored that same day, and they were able to accomplish business as usual.

Their experience with Nuvera

Because Nuvera is local and can react to disasters more quickly, Agri Trading decided to purchase a new PoE switch, as well as switch their Managed Firewall Router and Hosted Server to Nuvera’s host of Managed Service offerings. With competitive pricing, and the peace-of-mind knowing Nuvera’s certified IT professionals were in the community, they knew any future needs would be met in an efficient and expert manner.