The City of Glencoe Trusts Nuvera with Their IT Needs

Industry: Government
Location: Glencoe, MN
Nuvera Solution: FlexVoice, Internet, Dedicated Server, Enterprise Back Up, Hosted Switch, Hosted Firewall, VLAN Service, Office 365
Website: http://www.glencoe.org


The City of Glencoe’s Challenge

As you can imagine, a city office is made up of several different jobs, functions, departments, and employees. The City of Glencoe knew that their previous provider was not offering them the satisfactory Internet and phone service that they deserved, so they looked to a company they could trust to handle their IT concerns, Nuvera. The City wanted to bring in IT professionals who knew how they could connect their employees and departments, while also keeping important files secure. They contracted with Nuvera to provide them with the solutions to their challenges.

“We were looking for an IT provider who could meet our needs, while also providing top-notch customer service. We felt we could trust Nuvera based on their customer service protocols and track record.”
Dan Ehrke, Assistant City Administrator

Why they chose Nuvera

The City of Glencoe had been looking for an IT provider that could meet their needs, since their previous provider was not giving quality service. Not only did Nuvera provide the City with reliable services and speeds, but the customer service has been appreciated as well.

How the product has helped

The City of Glencoe is now assured that their challenges are being met by a company with offices and employees in their hometown. Nuvera has also provided them with IT solutions that help to protect their files and important records, keep them readily available even during disasters. The City is confident that the IT professionals can accomplish each and every job tasked of them as technology partners.
Their Internet speeds and overall service have been much improved, and they are now able to accomplish their day-to-day tasks as they arise in a timely manner.
The FlexVoice IP phone service, powered by Broadworks, has the City employees all interconnected with HD-voice, and it was all provided with very minimal upfront costs. This feature-rich system gives the employees the phone features that they desire, and they were provided with all of the knowledge and tools necessary by Nuvera staff.

“When we have a problem or IT need, they are dealt with immediately. Communication and our working relationship with Nuvera is great.”
Dan Ehrke, Assistant City Administrator

Their experience with Nuvera

The City of Glencoe is pleased to start a new technology partnership with Nuvera. They know that they were provided a good product, and even better, a great staff. Nuvera’s staff is always very responsive and answers questions efficiently. They know that Nuvera will always deliver on its promises.