Fahey Sales Found a Reliable Service Provider With a Knowledgeable IT Support Staff in Nuvera

Industry: Sales/Auction Services
Location: Glencoe, MN
Nuvera Solution: FlexVoice, Fiber Internet, Managed Firewall, Online File Backup
Website: http://www.faheysales.com

Fahey Sales Auctioneers & Appraisers’ Challenge

Fahey Sales has been serving clients as Minnesota’s largest professional auctioneer, with a staff of five auctioneers and 19 full and part-time support staff, who work together to help make your auction successful. Fahey specializes in the sale of real estate, agriculture and construction equipment, as well as commercial turf and golf course equipment. Their ability to provide flexible, mobile, and reliable services attributes to their success as Minnesota’s leader in auctioneering services.
It’s difficult to run your business when your Internet and phone services are not meeting expectations. Fahey was tired of constantly calling its former provider, asking them for instructions that no business owner should have to deal with. They simply wanted services that worked, and to not waste their own precious time fixing it. With little confidence their former provider would be able to serve their needs going forward, they started their search for a new provider.

Why they chose Nuvera

Fahey’s headaches with its former service provider had them attending a Lunch & Learn that Nuvera held in Glencoe. They listened to what Nuvera was able to provide, how they have helped serve other local businesses, and how they had a local support team that would solve concerns in a timely manner. Fahey came prepared with several questions about how Nuvera could provide respectable services to their company and came away impressed.
Nuvera was able to offer them a low up-front cost and feature-rich phone system that works well for a company who has many staff members who work in and outside the office with customers on a daily basis. The phone system came with setup, training and support provided by the Nuvera staff.

They also signed up for an Internet connection that supported symmetrical upload and download speeds and checks off the requirement of “consistently works.” They opted to get a managed firewall router, which provides them with secure Internet access and monitors for intrusion detection and prevention. They subscribed to Nuvera’s On-Line File Backup services, to ensure that their important employee and customer information is safely stored in a secure, centralized location, even in the case of a disaster. This would get them back up and running quickly.

How the product has helped

Fahey’s auctioneer and sales staff are now humming on all cylinders. Their Internet is faster than ever, provides a secure connection, and works. Their phone system has features that allow their employees to stay productive and in consistent contact with each other, and their customers. Poor service is a thing of the past for Fahey. They now have a trusted team of local Nuvera IT professionals that they can depend on.