How Nuvera helped Hutchinson Co-op integrate multiple offices with their advanced voice solutions

Industry: Agricultural
Location: Hutchinson, MN
Nuvera Solution: FlexVoice
Website: http://www.hutchcoop.com

Hutchinson Co-op’s challenge

The local co-op in Hutchinson, MN, was looking for a way to connect between all four of their sites. They particularly wanted to be able to check whether or not the employee would be transferring the call to was already busy on a phone call. The ability to have voicemail at all workstations was also important to them. Having separate locations in one city who all interact with one another makes day-to-day business operations difficult, thus, the reason they sought out a new phone solution.

“Nuvera was very helpful in the process and gave me steps to follow to get it all done in a timely manner, so when the day came to switch the phone system over, it went well.”
-Tina Huebner, Assistant Manager

Why they chose Nuvera

Hutchinson Co-op could not stress the importance of buying local enough. They found it important that Nuvera was able to provide staff to answer all questions and support them through the customization available through their new phone system. They also appreciated that Nuvera was able to train their Co-op employees on how to use the equipment.

How the product has helped

The Hutchinson Co-op’s service station on now has direct line numbers to their shops, so a smaller amount of people have to be included in the auto-attendant feature. Switching to this stat-of-the-art system has saved them money on their monthly bills, even after adding additional lines.
The biggest improvement the Co-op has seen since implementing NU-telecom’s FlexVoice Phone System is the ability to see who is on their phones at locations across town prior to transferring a call. Transferring of phone calls takes fewer steps and is quicker for the customer.

Other benefits Co-op employees agree on are crisp, clear, and amazing call clarity and the availability of more speed dial operations than their previous system.

“Hutchinson Co-op has three sites outside of the Nuvera service area. When we have any service issues with these sites we call into our provider’s customer service and have to talk to a representative from out-of-state, and the response time is very slow. Nuvera is a local provider who responds immediately. They know who we are personally, and aren’t just another job to them. When you call Nuvera you talk to one person will direct you where you need to go!”
-Tina Huebner, Assistant Manager

Their experience with Nuvera

The employees of Hutchinson Co-op are very satisfied with all of the Nuvera staff, as they always return phone calls in a reasonable timeframe and help resolve any problems right away. They feel that Nuvera’s employees are all very professional and pleasant to work with.