Nuvera’s Virtual Server Solution Gives MVTL the Ability to Focus on Their Business

Industry: Laboratory
Location: New Ulm, MN
Nuvera Solution: Virtual Servers
Website: http://www.mvtl.org


MVTL’s Challenge

Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, Inc. (MVTL) is a diverse group of chemical and biological analytical laboratories located in New Ulm, MN. They offer environmental, agricultural, food science and energy technology testing services, and use technologies for highly procedural studies on a daily basis. They were looking to add additional hardware for a new software project without a large capital expenditure or adding a difficult learning curve for the new technology. This project relied on the expertise of the local Nuvera team to help set up and train their staff on how it would be beneficial to their efforts.

“Nuvera allowed us to put all of our efforts into our new software project without having to worry about the hardware side.”
Dan Schneider, Information Technology at MVTL

Why they chose Nuvera

MVTL relied on the expertise of the local Nuvera technological experts to help them set up the hardware so they could continue to focus on their everyday business. They enjoyed the fact that Nuvera provided local service and were available to answer questions in a very timely manner.

How the product has helped

Nuvera’s virtual server solution has performed exceptionally and has helped give MVTL the answer to the problem it was looking to solve. Not only is the hardware helping with the new software project, but the MVTL team is now able to put all of their efforts into their new software project without having to worry about anything on the hardware side of things. Nuvera’s staff gives them the technical support they were looking for and is there when needed, which saves MVTL a lot of time and headaches.

“Nuvera overall is easy to work with and understanding of our needs. They provide local consultants who we are able to get into contact without difficulty, along with great service.”
Dan Schneider, Information Technology at MVTL