Nuvera Helps a Forward Thinking Charter School Evolve With Technology



Industry: Education
Location: Hutchinson, MN
Nuvera Solution: FlexVoice and Managed Cloud Services
Website: newdiscoveries.org


New Discoveries’ Challenge

New Discoveries is a forward-thinking school that set its sights on how technology can help shape their future. Initially, they shared some servers, services, building, and staff with another charter school housed in the same facility, but they desired to function a bit more independently. The charter school wanted a company to look more into their technology situation and give suggestions as to how they could function better with new-age technical equipment. As technology continues to evolve, so do their classroom teaching requirements. Schools are more high-tech than ever, and New Discoveries wanted to be a leader regarding that trend.

We look forward to discovering our future technology solutions with Nuvera”
Dave Conrad, Director of Operations, Family & Community Liaison

Why they chose Nuvera

Nuvera listened to what New Discoveries wanted to bring to the future of their school. They looked at the existing technology at the school and gave suggestions on how the school could move forward in their plans to be more independent and technologically sound using Managed Services provided by Nuvera.
By looking into their existing equipment, Nuvera helped them order new laptops, desktops, and WYSE terminals to help replace older equipment and fill in where new equipment was needed. Nuvera also went the extra mile by helping clean up much of the leased school equipment that would need to be reused.

How the product has helped

Dedicated servers and hosted exchange were implemented in order to separate their networks from the co-located school. These servers allow them security for their confidential information and automatic backups of this information. Hosted Exchange is an email solution that securely handles all of their staff email accounts.

The school also decided to switch all 22 phone extensions to Nuvera’s cost-effective hosted phone solution, FlexVoice. They no longer have to worry about the significant costs of managing and maintaining an on-premise solution, and the phones came free with the package they chose. The school now has individual voicemail, an auto attendant, and a paging system. Plus, this feature-rich phone system can be handled by Nuvera’s experienced staff without paying for them to come on location for changes, enhancements or updates.

“New Discoveries Montessori Academy was looking for a local solution to meet our changing and growing technology needs. We found our solution with Nuvera. It has been a pleasure to partner with Nuvera as we have gone from the initial needs assessment, through installation and now implementation.”
-Dave Conrad, Director of Operations, Family & Community Liaison

Their experience with Nuvera

Choosing Nuvera put technology top of mind for New Discoveries. The school system continually looks forward to new technologies by inviting Nuvera to board meetings to present, discuss, and answer any technical questions. This experience has become a partnership as the two companies continue to meet on a regular basis to discuss ongoing needs, and to consider where things are going, and how Nuvera can help advise the school into the future.