Industry: Education
Location: Litchfield, MN
Nuvera Solution: e-Rate Funding
Website: thechurchofstphilip.org/school

Nuvera Helped the School of St. Philip with the e-Rate Program and Expanded Their Learning Technologies

School of St. Philip’s Wants

As a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 School, St. Philip’s is instrumental in guiding its students toward academic excellence. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the resources to improve their technology until they consulted with Nuvera about the e-Rate Program for schools and libraries. Nuvera helped guide St. Philip’s through the e-Rate Program, which is used to make telecommunications and information services more affordable through funding from the Universal Service Fund. Their goals as a school were to expand their digital learning technologies to connect students to increased Wi-Fi speeds and allow easier access to the web with updated computer labs and devices.

“The staff have been great – helpful with sales, visiting, answering questions, and doing the installation. I am quite satisfied.”
Michelle Kramer, Principal

Why They Chose Nuvera

The School of St. Philip appreciates local, economical and service-minded companies like Nuvera who support others in the community. They knew that Nuvera’s technical expertise and local service team would bring knowledgeable experience and local service to what they were looking for, and would deliver on the promises they made.

Not only did Nuvera inform St. Philip’s of the e-Rate Program, but they helped them through the process, informed them of the technology that would fit the vision of the school, and proposed ideas that would be most beneficial to the students and staff.

St. Philip’s had a great rapport with the staff of Nuvera, as they were helpful with not only the sales and recommendations, but also with honest and open communication, answering questions in a timely manner, performing the installation, and following up with the school after installation for training and support.

How the Product Has Helped

Nuvera recommended ideas and solutions to St. Philip’s problems, which increased their efficiency with a faster and more reliable Wi-Fi signal and gave each student the ability to learn from technology tools. The solutions, along with the help of the e-Rate Program, saved St. Philip’s a significant amount of money and issues.
Now, St. Philip’s is able to get more students working on one-to-one devices in every classroom, whether that be iPads or laptops. Their Internet speeds are faster than ever, and the Wi-Fi access allows a connection throughout the entire school.

To take advantage of the e-Rate Program funding, each school must identify their needs and submit a request. Discounts can range from 20 to 90 percent for eligible schools. The staff at Nuvera is trained in this program and can help navigate the process while helping provide the solutions to the school’s needs.

“Nuvera took the time to come in and work through our questions and develop a solution to improve the efficiency of our system at the School of St. Philip.”
Michelle Kramer, Principal

School of St. Philip’s Experience with Nuvera

Nuvera was able to be an instrumental partner in the mission of the School of St. Philip, helping them to be committed to guiding students toward academic excellence and providing a strong education. These solutions are helping their students work together, facilitate learning, and develop skills necessary for advancement.
The School of St. Philip was appreciative of the time spent partnering with Nuvera to develop advanced technical solutions that will help their students in more ways than imagined. The e-Rate Program made their technical expansion possible, and Nuvera guided them to the solutions that would benefit the school the most.