Security and Peace of Mind

Nuvera’s Care Call allows seniors and persons with special needs to maintain their independence in the comfort of their home, knowing help is just a button away. It provides the extra security that brings peace of mind to them and their family, whether it’s routine assistance or an emergency response.

Call: 1.844.354.4111

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Programmed to Helpsenior_daughter

Whenever the alert key on the telephone or the button on the bracelet is pressed or the activity alarm is activated, Care Call automatically dials pre-programmed numbers until a connection is made.  Once the connection is made, the speakerphone is automatically activated to allow hands-free, two-way communication.

Immediate Emergency Response

The cordless emergency response bracelet can be worn comfortably around the user’s wrist.  Pressing the button on the bracelet will initiate the emergency help dial sequence. Incoming calls can also be answered from across the room by the bracelet.

Easy to Use

Large, illuminated numbers and the convenient memory dialing function, make Care Call easy to use for those with vision and dexterity issues.  Whenever the user presses a special function key, the key flashes and a tone sounds to confirm the operation.

For users with hearing restrictions, the lamps on the dial pad flash when the telephone rings, indicating an incoming call.  Controls for both the handset and speakerphone allow the user to adjust volume levels, and the handset is hearing aid compatible.

The user can easily program daily reminder alerts.  At pre-set times, a tone sounds and the reminder key flashes to remind the user of daily activities such as appointments and taking medication.

The Care Call telephone is simply plugged into any existing jack and a standard electrical outlet.  It can be wall mounted or placed on a table-top surface.

Nuvera asks that a friend or family member on the user’s emergency call list be present during installation and training.


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