Cokato Construction Updates

Nuvera Fiber Internet Expansion

Cokato, MN 55321 Updates

  • Construction in Cokato will begin in late June or early July. 
  • The project will be completed over a 2-year period, with some neighborhoods beginning construction in 2024 with the remainder in 2025.
  • Before construction begins, flags and paint markings will be placed in the rights-of-way and/or alleyways where mainline construction will occur.
  • Property owners in the current build area have or will receive construction communications prior to activity in their area and are encouraged to sign up for service as soon as possible.
  • Residents are also able to check on status of the overall construction project in their community by visiting this page.
  • Residents are encouraged to sign up early by calling Nuvera’s local team at 844.354.4111 or visiting
  • For business services, visit or talk to Nuvera’s local business team at 844.610.5300.

Nuvera Construction Updates

We’re committed to building the fastest, most reliable fiber network for our entire community.