8 Can’t Miss Facebook Tips

May 23, 2017Articles

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Worldwide there are over 1.94 billion active Facebook users, and 1.28 billion people log into it at least once every day. We all use Facebook. It has become a part of our daily routine to see what is going on with our friends, family, and community. However, most of us may not know all of the neat things that Facebook has that we can use to make our lives better, easier, or more secure.

These are eight cool features Facebook has that you may not currently be using which may be useful to you!

1. Never miss a birthday again by exporting your friends’ birthdays to your calendar.

Go to your Events page in the left column of the home page. Now look on the bottom right for Birthdays. Copy that link by right-clicking and selecting Copy Link Address.

In Google Calendar, click on the down arrow next to Other Calendars > Add by URL, and paste the URL.

In iCal, go to Calendar > Subscribe and paste the URL.

In Outlook, go to Tools > Account Settings > Internet Calendars.

Add Facebook events to your Microsoft, Google, or Apple calendar message on Facebook App.

2. No more annoying game requests!

On your desktop or laptop select in the top right of your screen and go to Settings. In the left column select Apps. There will be a box for Game and App Notifications. Click Edit and Turn Off.

Facebook game and app notifications message.

3. Find a post from years ago.

Looking for a post somebody put on your wall a while back, but only have a vague idea of what the past was about? All you have to do is type their name and a keyword in the top search box and the post will appear in the results.

Facebook app search bar.

4. Don’t want certain people to know you’re online? Hide your chat status from them.

On desktop, click on the gear icon on the chat window, click Advanced Settings. Then, Turn off chat for all friends or Turn off chat for only some friends and add friend lists or names of people you’d like to ignore.

Facebook privacy chat options.

Facebook advanced chat settings

5. Save articles to be read later.

Tap or click in the top right corner of the post and then Save Link. All of your bookmarked articles will appear in the Saved tab in the left column on a computer or in the More tab > Saved on mobile.

Facebook Save Articles option.6. Owe somebody money? Send it to them through Facebook Messenger.

Ever noticed the little $ icon when you’re chatting with somebody on Facebook Messenger? This is how you can easily send money to somebody if you owe them, are going in on a gift together, and so on. The feature is similar to systems such as PayPal, and to start you add your debit card in Facebook settings Payments. For added security, users can enable password protection of individual payments, which prompts users to enter their Facebook password again before making a transaction.

Send money feature in Facebook Messages.

7. Get alerts about unrecognized logins to ensure you’re not getting hacked.

Facebook will let you know if anyone logs in from a device or browser you don’t normally use. You can get Facebook notifications, email alerts and text messages to inform you.

Facebook two factor authentication

Go to your Security and Login Settings by clicking in the top-right corner of Facebook and clicking Settings > Security and Login. Scroll down to Get alerts about unrecognized logins and turn On.

You can also choose to enable two-factor authentication for added security.

8. Have a tough name to pronounce? Facebook can help clear that up.

Go to your personal profile page, then About, click Details About You, then under Name pronunciation, click “How do you say your name?

Facebook name pronunciation feature.