Experience More Power With NuFiber

How NuFiber Can Improve Your Internet Connection

Fiber-optic Internet is a broadband connection that uses fiber-optic cable, which can send data at incredibly fast speeds.

Faster Cloud Access

Retrieve documents and send documents to the cloud faster than ever.

Symmetrical Speeds

Receive uploads speeds at the same rate as your download speeds.

Unlimited Data

Enjoy the benefits of unlimited data every month with no caps.

Lower Latency

Experience a quicker, more responsive Internet connection.

Increased Reliability

Fiber is more resistant to external factors that can cause reliability issues with your connection such as temperature fluctuations.

Increased Speeds

Fiber-optics provide capacity for faster Internet speeds than any other communication medium with speeds up to 1 Gig.

What Does the Construction Phase Look Like?

fiber to the home

What is Fiber to the Home?

Fiber to the home (FTTH) refers to using fiber-optic (instead of copper or coax) communications cabling directly to each home, improving the connection quality of Internet and telephone networks.

FTTH technology utilizes strands of glass approximately the thickness of a human hair to transmit data by pulsing flashes of light through the cable. Because light can travel long distances very quickly, fiber-optics allow for very fast speeds without the need for additional equipment no matter how far your home is from your provider.

FTTH is incredibly flexible, allowing for many kinds of data to be transmitted while allowing for even more advanced features in the future.

How is it different from other services?

Fiber-optic connected homes differ from the majority of homes which are connected via copper data transmission lines. While these copper lines work well, FTTH allows for even more capacity allowing fiber-connected homes more options and advanced features.

By installing fiber-optics directly to the home you can receive Internet speeds and more channels, HD and DVR with your TV service.