Welcome to the Speed of Now

We’re building Gig cities.

Why fiber? This blazing-fast internet service enables:

  • Bandwidth to power all your devices without delays or buffering
  • Upload speeds up to 20x faster than cable1
  • Reliable connection that won’t slow you down like 4G/5G wireless service2
  • Fully connected homes with the bandwidth you need today, tomorrow and into the future

Gig speed internet is coming to your neighborhood. Check for availability!

Availability not guaranteed and subject to change
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Learn More About the Fiber Construction Process

Watch an overview video about our fiber optic expansion project.

Get the Speed You Need With NuFiber!

NuFiber Internet Pricing
$99.99 per month NuFiber internet pricing with Nuvera
$74.99 per month NuFiber internet pricing with Nuvera
$49.99 per month NuFiber internet pricing with Nuvera

Secure Your No-Cost Placement of Fiber to Your Home or Business

Save over $400 by signing up for presale service today!4

Current Customers

You will be required to transition to the new fiber network. There will be no construction costs to you.

New Customers

As soon as our construction crews leave your area, so will the no-cost placement of fiber facilities

By providing us with contact information, you agree Nuvera may contact you about new fiber optic service in your area via the email, text or mobile phone information you provide. We may also contact you about installing fiber internet lines on your property before service is ordered. If we do contact you and you agree, this pre-installation will speed up a new service order should you choose Nuvera’s fiber-optic internet service and may also increase the value of your location by having fiber optic internet service readily available for future installation.

Get Ready to Put Some VROOM in Your Zoom.

For a limited time, Nuvera is offering no-cost placement of fiber to individual homes and businesses.

For more information sign up or call us at 844.468.1033.

Why Nuvera?

Unlimited Data

You have more important things to worry about than monitoring data usage!

A Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.3

Straightforward Pricing

Everyday value pricing with no surprise increases.

Local Service

11 local offices and 200+ employees to help when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will Nuvera provide fiber Gig-speed Internet service?

Nuvera has pilot project services already in place in New Ulm, Hutchinson and Prior Lake. Services will expand and roll out in:

New Ulm

Aurelia, IA

Elko New Market




Prior Lake

Redwood Falls


Sleepy Eye


We’re just getting started. Our goal is to reach as many communities as possible. We’re working with cities, counties and local leaders to expand access and services to all areas. We anticipate the overall fiber expansion project to take a few years to complete.

When will my area get fiber Gig-speed services?

To find out what Nuvera currently offers in your area – or if you’d like to be notified when Gig-speeds are available – fill out the contact for above, or call us at 844.354.4111.

Is there a bundle offer or discount for Nuvera Gig-speeds?

While we do offer TV and phone services, we do not bundle our products. We sell our products individually, which allows customers to pick the right products at the right price for them.

Will Nuvera require a contract for new subscribers?

When purchasing new internet services, contracts are not required if the residence has fiber facilities already installed at their home or business. If fiber facilities are not available, and fiber construction in your area is no longer active, you will have two options. 1. pay a $250 fiber construction fee for our construction team to return and place the fiber facilities or 2. commit to a 2-year agreement when signing up for service. If service is disconnected during this 2-year period, you will be charged the $250 construction fee.

How does Nuvera 1 Gig compare to 4G or 5G from a wireless company?

Wireless companies offering 4G/5G refers not to speed, but to the technology they use to deliver the service. 4G/5G refers not to speed, but to the technology they use to deliver the service. 4G/5G translates to 4th or 5th generation cellular network. The cellular wireless connection is not dedicated to your home like fiber, rather it’s a shared connection at a nearby cellular tower on the same network that runs phone services. Since it’s a shared connection, you can encounter buffering and slowdowns if the network use is high. Current 4G networks promise 25 Mbps speed, which is the federal minimum for broadband. Nuvera’s 1 Gig is equivalent to 1000 Mbps.

Fiber Gig-speed is enough speed to have 100 people in your home all streaming a moving with no buffering. If you have 100 Mbps from Nuvera now, 1 Gig is 10 times faster.

Does Nuvera offer fiber service for business customers?

Yes, Nuvera provides business services. Most businesses in the communities Nuvera serves have access to fiber right now. To find out more, go to Nuvera Business Services to see our range of services and request a quote. Or businesses can call Nuvera’s local business services team at 844.610.5300.

Is Nuvera a local company?

Nuvera is a hometown Minnesota service provider. We are based in New Ulm and have employees in all the major communities we serve. We have 11 local offices across our service area, visit nuvera.net/retail to find a location near you.

Nuvera at its roots is a connections company. We began as a small phone company started by farmers who needed better access to service in rural areas. Today we continue our work as a broadband provider to rural communities, small cities and suburban areas.

Why is Nuvera investing in a fiber network and Gig-speeds?

We want all our communities to have access to state-of-the-art internet speeds at affordable prices. Nuvera’s investment per fiber passing to each premise is approximately $4,700. Our investment in fiber-to-the-home creates strong infrastructure for our communities to get robust, reliable connections now and be ready to implement the technologies of the future. We want to broaden access to the quality of life and economic opportunity that a reliable, state-of-the-art network provides.

Will I be charged for the installation of the fiber facilities installed at my home or business?

Installation of the fiber facilities and equipment will be free if household signs up for presale service, and fiber facilities are installed during the construction phase of the project. Current Nuvera customers are required to transition to our new fiber network and will be done at no charge.

Still have questions? Learn more

1 Comparison based on Nuvera Gig vs. Mediacom 1000M/50M and Xfinity 1200M/35M as of 6/22.

2 Wireless companies connect your home to the same network that their phone services run on. Since it’s a shared connection, you can encounter buffering and slowdowns if the network use is high.

3 Limited time offer. If you are not completely satisfied with your Nuvera Internet experience within the first 30 days after installation, Nuvera will give you your money back for Internet services that were billed during this time. Your disconnection request must be made within 30 days of installation to take advantage of the Money Back Guarantee. Offer is limited to new Nuvera customers without service in the past 12 months with newly added Nuvera Internet and/or Home Wi-Fi service. Please allow 4-8 weeks for refund credit on your Nuvera bill.

4All construction costs will be waived if household signs up for presale service before or during construction in your area. Over $400 in savings includes $250 construction, $150 installation and $60 activation fees. Service must be established within 60 days of becoming available or a $250 construction fee will be charged. If service is requested after construction has ended, a $250 construction fee may apply, or will be waived if customer commits to a 2-year agreement.  

*Internet speeds are up to the speed tiers listed and are not guaranteed.