Guided Access – How to Set Usage Limits On Your iPhone or iPad

Jan 12, 2017Blog

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kids playing on a tablet

If  you are a parent that has an iPhone or iPad, you probably allow your kids to use your device to play games or watch videos.  Did you know that there is an automated way to limit the amount of time that your kids can use an app and prevent them from switching to an app that you don’t want them to use? It’s called Guided Access,  and this is your complete guide to getting it set up.

First find the settings icon:


Press on General:

Find “Accessibility”:

accessibility settings on iPhone and iPad


Scroll to the bottom and you will see “Guided Access” under the “Learning” section:

Toggle the switch to the on position.  You should see some additional settings.

“Passcode Settings” – This is where you can set the passcode that you will need to use to exit the app that is using guided access.  You can either set a 4 digit pin or you can use a fingerprint with “Touch ID”.

“Time Limits” – You can set an alarm to sound when the time limit for the app is approaching.

Now that it is all setup, it’s time to use Guided Access within an app.

Open the app that you want to use.  To start Guided Access, simply triple click the home button. The default settings that you setup will be used.  To change them, you can triple click again.  After you type in your passcode it will bring up an options menu.  From here you can extend the time limit and activate and deactivate features like touch, volume and motion.

To exit Guided Access at any time simply triple-click the home button, type in your passcode and hit “End” at the top of the screen.

Our devices such as iPhones and iPads can be tools that aid in learning and development for our kids.  However, there may be limits that you will want to set on which apps your kids use and how long they use them.  Guided Access is a simple way to keep kids inside a single app and to limit the amount of time that they spend playing.