Which Home Office Printer is Right for You?

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Between working from home and distance learning, families are realizing they can do more than they ever imagined in their home offices, whether it’s an official office space or a laptop perched on knees from the living room sectional. The power to connect and accomplish just about everything students and employees have from their school or office previously is nothing short of astonishing.  

One wrinkle in the home set-up, however, is often the home printer. Many are finding they have need of a printer when they didn’t before, or that the printer they did have isn’t meeting increased usage standards. 

There are several things to look at when deciding what kind of printer will suit you best but won’t break the bank.  

  • What will you use the printer for? Are you printing simple black and white letters? Store coupons? Color report covers? If you are printing simple things, an ink-jet printer will likely suit your purposes but for more colorful printing, consider a laser printer.  
  • What kind of space do you have for a printer? Take a good look at where you will place your printer before you purchase and bring it home. Will you be able to put it right next to a desktop computer? Or will you want to print from a laptop? Consider whether you want a wired printer (with a cable hooking up the printer to the computer) or if a wireless printer will suit your needs better so you can print from another room.  
  • What kind of printer will be compatible with your computer(s)? This is a mistake many people make. They assume most printers are compatible with most computers. There can be big differences in the operating systems between the two devices and you’ll want to read the fine print to make sure you are getting a compatible printer.  
  • Will you need to be able to scan or photocopy things? You may want to look at an all-in-one printer, which combines these features (and sometimes a fax machine) with a laser or inkjet printer.  

The final question, of course, is: will you be able to set it up on your own? Depending on the printer, you may or may not need to be tech savvy to get it up and running.  

If you are in the market for a new printer – or have a printer that just needs repairs – and would like to talk to someone who can help you answer all your questions, rather than going to a big box store to pick one out and hope it will meet all your needs, the Technology Solutions experts at Nuvera TechTrends are ready to help you out.  

Our experts can help you with your printer by:  

  • Troubleshooting printer issues 
  • Performing necessary repairs 
  • Connecting to your wireless network if applicable 
  • Ensuring proper functionality 
  • Training you on how to print from multiple devices, scan documents and eFax if applicable 

Nuvera TechTrends serves New Ulm, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, Redwood Falls, Hutchinson, Litchfield, Glencoe, and surrounding cities. To find out more, call 507.233.3000 or go to: nuveratechtrends.com/services/printer-setup-troubleshooting-and-repair 

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