The Dependability of Landline Phones in The Event of Disasters

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The introduction of COVID-19 to the workforce of the United States has brought some unprecedented Telework solutions from employers both large and small across the nation. The combination of companies requiring employees to work from home, along with the uncertainty of the coronavirus, has led to unexpected capability issues from their home network solutions.

An unforeseen issue that has occurred as a result of employees moving their duties to a home office is the lack of landline phones in the home to hold conference calls, handle customer service requests, and to make general work-related calls. If employees aren’t able to make calls through an employer-provided voice solution like Nuvera’s FlexVoice, more people are being forced into using their smartphone to complete these lengthy calls over the wireless networks.

Over the course of the week since the migration of employees working from home, large wireless carriers have noted several outages and unstable cellular connections because of network congestion across the entire upper Midwest. This has been attributed to the sheer amount of call volume generated from personnel working remotely.

One way to combat this wireless congestion is to look towards a stable technology that most people disconnected over the past 20 years, landline phones. In times of an emergency, in this case, a global pandemic, landline phones provide a consistent, quality connection for employees to continue to work from home without issue. In the event of a cell tower outage, using home phones allows employees to perform business as usual, while those who only have a cell phone may be left unable to communicate.

Although cell phones have become an important communication tool in our lives, it is still important to have a landline telephone in your home. The reliability of wired phones provides many benefits that a wireless phone cannot, especially in the event of a natural disaster. If you feel that a landline would be important to you or your employees to stay connected during these uncertain times, Nuvera can connect their homes without a standard in-home installation, in most cases.

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