What Is the Difference Between Home Wi-Fi vs Purchasing a Wireless Router?

Apr 20, 2020Articles, Blog

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When you sign up for Nuvera’s Internet, you have two different options to consider when setting up your wireless home network. In eligible areas, we offer Home Wi-Fi wireless access for $5.95 per month. Your other option is to use your own wireless router. Which option is best for you?

Leasing Wireless Access from Nuvera Modems

Our modems feature built-in wireless Internet that is available for a monthly charge of $5.95. For many customers, this is a convenient option to choose from since we can take care of the setup for you at the initial installation.

Another benefit is maintenance and troubleshooting. Since you are just leasing the access from us, if there is a problem with the modem or with the wireless function of the modem, we will take care of it for you! Since there are no other components involved in your Internet connection, like an additional router, it will be easier to troubleshoot your Internet if an issue does arise.

Using Your Own Wireless Router

There are many cases where you will want to purchase a wireless router for Wi-Fi access in your home. Purchasing a router will allow you to set up a wireless network for the specific needs of you and your family. There are many factors that go into a reliable home wireless network. Selecting the router that is right for your home will increase the quality of your experience with the Internet in your home.


If you sign up for speeds faster than 55 Mbps, you will need to purchase a router that is capable of handling that amount of bandwidth. Not all routers are capable of handling higher speeds, so if you do sign up for a higher speed it is crucial that you have a router that will be able to output what you are paying to receive.


If you have a home that is larger or if it has areas or materials that can cause interference with a wireless signal, you will want to purchase a wireless router that has powerful antennas that are capable of reaching all areas of your home. Some homes will need a main wireless router in addition to some wireless access points to ensure that all areas of the home can be reached. 


In homes with several Internet users, there is likely a multitude of devices connected to your wireless router at a given time. With smart TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, smart appliances, and speakers, the number of Internet-connected devices can add up quickly. Selecting a router that can handle all of these devices is critical to experiencing an Internet that has no lag or slowness.

If you are not sure which option is best for you, feel free to contact our technology solutions specialists with any questions that you may have and they will help you find the right wireless Internet solution for your home.