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In general terms the cloud is really applications or servers or IT infrastructure being hosted by another provider.

You would choose our cloud because, one, we are local. Two, because you will know who we are when we come to your site. Another advantage is that we don’t charge up front.

When we perform the integration, typically with a five year contract we would waive all of your setup fees. We would provide the fiber and all of the connectivity with your service.

Your data is never on the Internet. You connect to us on a private facility that we provide, we take that facility and ensure that it’s secure…

We like to think of ourselves as a partner with you. We come on-site and assist you hand-in-hand ensuring that the data and services in your data center or closet today is replicated in our data centers. We run parallel at the time of implementation so that you can ensure that whatever services you were performing on your own servers are being done on our cloud service before we cut over.

We had a business, they had a problem on their local area network (LAN). With our managed support contract, we were able to go over there and assist them immediately and got them up and going before the business actually opened.

We pride ourselves in attempting to learn and understand your business so that we can provide the best service possible.

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