New High-Speed, Low-Cost package for Your Streaming Needs

Aug 6, 2018Internet, Streaming

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Do you stream videos or play video games online? Are you using multiple devices on your internet connection at one time? With the emergence of YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, streaming video has taken over the Internet. About half of all Internet traffic is from these streams, and it is becoming imperative that the customer has the speed that is right for their needs. Add in smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, and computers all under one household and you might get frustrated by buffering, stuttering, or poor picture quality. If this sounds like you, check out our NEW high-speed, low-cost package that will make you want to Netflix binge watch for days.


For the Movie Streamer

Crush any negative thoughts of buffering. Your movies will download faster, your show clarity will become clearer, and you will stay connected at all times. Plus, there are no limits to how much you can use Nuvera’s Internet, giving you the freedom to stream all the time. Streaming on these platforms typically uses more bandwidth because of the high quality picture and sound definition. Conquer the large files with the 55 Mbps package and download full-length movies in minutes.


For the Video Gamer

Isn’t it the most frustrating thing in the world when your game lags in the middle of the most important part? Or how about when you want to download a new game or downloadable content and it seems to take forever? Don’t be played by your Internet speeds. Take back control of your gaming experience with 55 Mbps.


For the Student

College: The days of taking multitasking to the extreme. The days of having two TVs in the living room (one dedicated for playing online video games and the other just for streaming movies on Netflix). The days of late night research papers interspersed with extreme social media posting. Add in three other roommates in a small rental, and that spells nightmares for your Internet speeds… Until now. With 55 Mbps speeds, you can do all of these things without any worries. Just be sure to put school work first!


For the Ultra Connected Family

Picture this: Little Cassie is watching a Disney movie on Netflix, while Johnny is playing video games on his console, Mama Carrie is catching up on her soaps on Hulu, and Papa Ken is scoping out the Watch ESPN app on his phone. Multiple streams are bound to happen daily in this ultra-connected world, and the speeds of our new 55 Mbps package will ensure that the whole family stays happy!


For the News Followers

Even though the main focus of this package is speed, you also get Nuvera’s Basic TV channels for only $5 more per month! So, when you need a break from streaming your favorite TV show, catch up with breaking news and live sporting events, or listen to the Music Choice channels. For more information on which channels are included with the Basic package, visit our Digital TV page, choose your city, and click on “View Channel Lineup.”

Did we mention this 55 Mbps Basic TV package is only $79.95 per month? It’s time to sign up!