Our Promise to our Loyal Customers

We appreciate our customers more than anything. Every day we strive to make your experience with us a positive one, and we want you to not only get the best service from our products, but also from our Nuvera team.

Here is an overview of what you can expect when you choose Nuvera, a local Internet, TV, wireless, voice and business services provider.

Local technicians will be nearby at all times.

Nuvera has 10 local customer solution centers, plus 3 data centers, and technicians who cover nearly 40 towns across Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. A customer solutions center, staffed with caring and helpful employees, is always nearby and ready to meet your needs.

You will talk to real people and can expect short hold times.
Are you tired of waiting on hold for a long period of time?  This is where Nuvera really excels.  Nuvera’s phones are answered in local customer solution centers, by a live person, typically in less than a minute.  When you call in with a question, the Nuvera team will ensure it is handled in a prompt and accurate manner.

No matter the time of day or month we’re always ready to help – even holidays.

Your services are of the utmost importance. If they’re down, then we’re letting you down. We’ll make it up to you by being available to fix any issues 24/7, 365 days a year. Nuvera is committed to your satisfaction.

We address problems within 24 hours and follow up on all trouble tickets.
If you ever have a problem with your service, you expect it to be handled as soon as possible. At Nuvera, we deliver on that promise and handle more than 90% of all problems within 24 hours of your first call. Once our technicians finish their job, our customer service reps always follow up to make sure everything is working up to your standards.

Appointments will be scheduled at your convenience to your home and business.

People are busy, and Nuvera gets that. Installations and appointments are made with the your convenience in mind. Nuvera representatives will give you a specific period of time during the day to expect a technician, which allows you to continue on with your other daily responsibilities instead of waiting around for multiple hours. When technicians arrive at your location, they will treat it with respect and will handle your equipment with care. Your experience with Nuvera matters to them. 

We will always be upfront and honest with you about our prices.
Trustworthiness is important to the Nuvera team. The word vera in Latin means truth, and that is why we are always upfront and honest about the services you are billed for.  At times, companies will have to raise their rates due to increased programming costs. When a network rate increases, our team will inform you via a message in your monthly bill.

We reward our loyal customers with customer appreciation events and prizes.

Nuvera wouldn’t be great without the support of our amazing customers. We hold customer appreciation events at each of our customer solution center locations throughout the year, so you can enjoy a free meal on us. Be sure to follow our Facebook page to enter and win prize giveaways, only eligible for Nuvera customers. We also like to show off our employees and fun side on Facebook.

We are committed to supporting our communities.

Nuvera believes that when people work together, great things happen.  We realize we are only as strong as the communities we serve, and we’re committed to helping all segments thrive.  We proudly support our local chambers, businesses and non-profit organizations.  Our enthusiastic, generous staff uses their time, talent and resources to take active roles in building better communities where they work and live.  We build relationships with our customers, and then find ways we can give back.  Nuvera employees enjoy participating in activities together during work hours and outside of the office.

When you choose Nuvera, you get more than just the services you sign up for, you get a team of employees who care about your experience. With Nuvera, you will experience the power of connection.

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