How to Save A Location in Google Maps

Feb 25, 2016Blog

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Google Maps is one of the most widely used smartphone apps for navigation.  Did you know that you can save your most frequently visited addresses to a list so that you can easily find your way back to that location in the future? The list is called “Your Places” and this tutorial will show you how to add your most frequently traveled destinations to the list.

Start by opening the “Maps” app on your smartphone.

Type the location that you want to add into “Your Places” into the top search box. Then, press the name of the place in the lower part of the screen.

Press on “Save” to add to the list of “Your Places”.

When the star turns yellow, you know that you have saved the place to your list of “Your Places”.

To access the list of “Your Places”, press on the hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner of the maps screen.

In the list you will see “Your Places” toward the top of the menu. Press on “Your Places” to access the list.

You should now see the list of your saved places. The next time you need Google Maps to help you navigate to one of these places, you will have them stored for quick access.

These places will be synced with your Google account so that you can also access them from your web browser or if you have to replace your phone in the future.