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Nuvera understands that your business isn’t just looking for results today, you’re looking for a long term technology partner. Another way Nuvera can work with you and help your business succeed is through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This customizable agreement between your business and Nuvera allows you on-site access to our team of IT experts and works well for any size business.

If your company is small to medium size, you may have the need for the expertise of an IT support person, but not the need or budget for a full-time person on site. You may even have a friend, relative, or underqualified in-house person that is able to work through IT issues but it’s taking them away from their primary job function. With an SLA, you can get an experienced IT staff member dedicated to you on a part-time basis to fit your needs.

If your company already does have a dedicated IT staff, you can still utilize an SLA onsite team member to work on projects your employee either does not have the time for or expertise in to be efficient. It’s a great way to help your dedicated full time IT staff member be more productive.

Once you decide a SLA is for you, Nuvera will work with you to choose the level of service to best meet your business’s needs. You can choose from a combination of onsite, phone or email support, and we’ll accommodate your business with a schedule that works for you. Time can be used in increments as you prefer, whether it’s for specific projects or maintenance.

As a SLA customer, your business will also have access to a priority telephone number and email address to contact Nuvera. You’ll also receive hosted exchange email additions and changes at no additional cost – a $30 per change savings.

When you choose to do business with Nuvera, we instantly become your local technology partner. SLAs are just another way our expert employees will help deliver the tools necessary for the success of your company. Call 1-844-610-5300 today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.