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Speeds Available in Dassel

6 Mbps
3 Mbps
1.5 Mbps
Not sure which Internet speed is right for you? You’ll want to consider the number of users, as well as the number of devices your household is using, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming systems, and streaming devices. Our sales staff would be glad to help you select the right plan to assure you have adequate speed, but aren’t over paying for a plan you don’t need.

Ask how you can bundle with other Nuvera services and save, too!




Get rid of slow, buffering Internet once and for all. With Nuvera Internet you will get a fast and reliable connection you can count on. Nuvera Internet service in Hutchinson offers you a variety of options to ensure you’re connected to the web. Enjoy a fast, reliable connection while also meeting both your speed and budget needs.

Whether you spend your time on the Internet sending email, downloading music, playing online games or streaming videos, Nuvera has the bandwidth you need. Get 24/7 local support, connect multiple devices and stay connected to what matters to you.

“Everything about Nuvera has been top notch. From the time you call until the end of installation, it has been very outstanding. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. All employees are very knowledgeable! Very glad we made the switch.”
-Shelly E., Hutchinson

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