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Voice Plans

Residential Lines
$10.45/month + taxes and fees
6/9 Plan
$.06/min out-of-state; $.09/min in-state

No Plan/No Monthly Fee
4/4/5 Plan
$5.00/mo + $.04 per min

Although cell phones have become an important communication tool in our lives, it is still important to have a landline telephone in your home.  Landline phones provide you many benefits that a wireless phone cannot.  During an emergency, calling 911 from a landline phone helps ensure that emergency personnel can reach you as quickly as possible.

Young children and babysitters may not always have access to a wireless phone, and a landline telephone can ensure they are able to dial for help in an emergency.  Landline phones are also still able to work during a power outage when your cell phone batteries may lose power.

Calling Features

Take advantage of all the features your phone has to offer including:


Let callers leave a message when you can’t answer your phone

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemail messages as emails and listen on the go

On-Screen Caller ID

See who’s calling on your TV screen

Feature Guide
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