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Construction Area: Sleepy Eye

  • Nuvera’s main fiber line is mostly complete in Sleepy Eye for phase 1
  • Nuvera crews are working primarily across the northeast part of Sleepy Eye to pull fiber facilities into the network:
    • There is active construction down to 3rd Avenue then south to Kiefer Park
    • Crews moved east to reach facilities and homes in the 7th avenue area
    • Also working on Elm near the railroad tracks and moving west right up to about 2nd Avenue.
  • Within the next couple of weeks, we will begin placing fiber facilities to homes. Crews will be contacting homeowners about this process.

If you haven’t signed up for service yet, there is still time. please visit to get signed up while the construction crews are still in your community for no-cost placement of fiber facilities. When they leave, you could be charged $250 for crews to return and bury fiber facilities to your home or business. Learn more about the construction process.

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