internet speedIt is estimated there are more than six network-connected devices per person around the globe. This includes devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, desktop computers, smart home devices and security devices. Many of these devices continue being active and using bandwidth even if you’re not actively using them. That’s a lot of connectivity! Do a quick inventory of all the connected devices in your home. Is your Internet speed up to the challenge?

A few of the ways that family members can use up bandwidth includes: streaming video, media sharing, video chat, uploading to or downloading from cloud storage, online gaming, home automation, streaming music, basic web, surveillance cameras, and smart home devices (remotely accessing speakers, lights, doorbells, etc.). Take all those options and multiply them by how many devices may be in use at once.

For most household usage, download speeds are what’s important. As you take higher speeds, you generally get more upload speed, which helps if you work from home and routinely upload files to the cloud or participate in video conferencing, or for gaming. If your household is only running a handful of devices and using them for light Internet usage, basic web surfing and checking email, a slower speed, like 20 Mbps should suit your needs. At the other end of the spectrum, if your family has ten or more devices and you’re using them for things like HD streaming video, online gaming, downloading large gaming files, or utilizing multiple devices at once, you’ll need and have a better experience with a much higher speed.

If you are unsure what speed Internet you currently have in your home, check your monthly statement or call a Nuvera representative at 844.354.4111. They can tell you what your Nuvera Internet speed is and help you upgrade to the speed that works best for your usage.

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