Calling Feature Guide

Voice Mail

Check your messages – from any telephone, anywhere, at any time, – then save
or erase them with the touch of a button.  Nuvera Voice Mail offers some
distinct advantages over an answering machine:

  •  No machines to install or repair; no tapes or batteries to replace
  • Callers can leave messages when you’re on the phone or using the Internet not just when you’re away from the phone.
  • No lost messages
  • Completely private – only you can hear the messages
Caller ID

Identify who is calling without answering.  Caller ID helps you avoid annoying, unwanted calls or decide whether or not to take a particular call at that time.  To utilize Caller ID, you will need a display phone or display add-on unit for your existing phone. (Available in Nuvera retail stores)

Call Waiting

While you’re on the phone, call waiting notifies you when another caller is trying to reach you.  If you choose to take the incoming call, you can place your first call on hold while you take the new one.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another location when you’re away from home.

Speed Call 8 or 30

For frequently dialed local or long distance calls, you can program the numbers
to dial automatically when you enter just a one or two digit code.  Options are
available for programming up to 8 or 30 numbers.

3-Way Calling

Link people from three different locations on to one call so you can all talk together.

Custom Ring Service

If you have more than one phone line or two numbers that ring to the same line,
each number will ring differently so you’ll know what type of call is coming in.

Automatic Callback

This feature will automatically redial a busy number for up to 30 minutes.

Voice Mail to Email

Receive an email notification in your inbox each time you receive a new voicemail
message.  This email notification gives you the option to save, delete, or forward
the message to someone else directly from your email inbox.

Inside Wire Maintenance

This feature helps protect you from additional maintenance charges when a tech needs to visit your home to fix problems you are having with your service.

Other Calling Features Available from Nuvera

Call Number Delivery Block

Dial a code before you place a call and you can block the call from showing your
telephone number to the party you are calling.

Call Tracing

This feature helps to identify harassing or suspicious callers.

Per Line Blocking

Prevent your telephone number from being displayed for all calls made from your line.

Selective Call Acceptance

To limit unnecessary interruptions, program your phone to only accept calls from certain people.  Other callers will hear a message suggesting they call back later.

Selective Call Rejection

Dial a special code and your phone will reject local calls you place on your rejection list.

Selective Call Forwarding

Forward calls from selected callers to another location when you’re away from home.

Distinctive Ringing

If you want to identify certain calls as special or important, distinctive ringing
“announces” those calls with a special ring.

Note: All calling features may not be available in all locations.