3 Effortless Tricks That Make Texting Even Better

Mar 24, 2016Blog, TechTrends Wireless

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Texting has been around since the 90’s and you have likely been doing it for years. Would you believe that there might be a few things about texting that you didn’t already know? Here are three tips for Android users that could make texting better than it already is:

1. Forward a text

Forwarding a text is a great way to reference a different conversation while you are texting.

      • Simply press and hold on the text that you would like to forward.
      • A menu will pop up and you can press “Forward”.
      • Type in the name of the recipient of the forwarded message.
      • Press “Send”.


2. Send an email from text by typing in an e-mail address

Have you ever wanted to include someone in a group text that doesn’t text? A great solution is to include their email address.  You can even send attachments such as photos and documents to email from Android’s default texting app.

      • Type their email address in the “Recipient” field.
      • When you send the text message it will go to their email address.


3. Change the size of your texts

Are you having trouble reading your texts, or would you like to see more of your conversation on the screen at once? Fortunately there is an easy way to change the size of your text bubbles.

        • Pinch your index finger and thumb together and place them on the screen.
        • Open your fingers to zoom in.
        • Pinch your fingers together to zoom in.


pinch to zoom while texting