Unlocking Business Potential: Discover the Advantages of Blazing-Fast Fiber Internet

NuFiber Internet keeps businesses moving forward fast with multi-Gig speeds.

On average, employees use 11 different platforms and applications according to the Gartner Digital Workforce Survey. Between messaging platforms, email, document creation, web conferencing and project management tools, many of us are working with maximum tabs open all day.

Keeping customers happy, employees engaged, and systems working both efficiently and securely in an on-demand world requires a fast and reliable internet connection. That’s why fiber internet is the leading choice for high-performing business connectivity.

Nuvera’s team of local experts take the time to consult with our customers to match the right fiber internet solutions to your business.

Are you ready to discover the advantages of blazing-fast fiber internet?

Advantages of Fiber InternetHow fast is blazing fast?

Fiber travels at the speed of light and can clock 20x the speed of a basic high-speed non-fiber internet connection. (claim: 1Gig fiber vs. 25/35/mbps FCC defined min speed for broadband)

How does fiber work? It uses flexible, thin glass wires to send data with light signals. Data travels over fiber at up to multi-gigabit speeds. Fiber technology is the gold standard for the industry. Businesses can select a fiber speed fitting their needs now with the opportunity to scale up as the needs of your business grow.

What can you expect from faster internet speeds?

A fiber connection increases productivity and improves your customer experience.

Companies with operations running over a fiber connection can offer customers quick-loading websites, smooth online transactions and dynamic live chat. Fiber speeds allow for sending and receiving large data files without any lag time.

Reliable fiber internet for your business also means a more secure infrastructure. Fast connections mean system updates run seamlessly and offer protection against hackers and data loss.

If you have questions about your security risks, consider a Nuvera Network Risk Assessment.

Equally fast to send and receive. The key to productivity.

Besides overall speed, the reason many businesses choose Nuvera’s fiber internet over the competition is because we offer symmetrical speeds. Symmetrical speeds refer to equal upload and download times.

Upload is the time it takes to send data to the internet. Download speed is the time to receive it. Both are measured in Mbps or megabits per second. Historically, internet connections prioritized download speeds over upload speeds because many users were only receiving data. They wanted to download data quickly. Now that more data is being sent from businesses to others, upload speeds are equally important to keep business moving fast. Nuvera’s business fiber internet offers symmetrical speeds – equal upload and download speed- for the highest quality service for your business.

Latency vs. Speed

Fiber also decreases latency, or the time it takes to send data between two points. What’s the difference between latency and speed? Latency calculates the time it takes to communicate. For example, it would total the time between sending a request from your device to a web server and receiving a response. Latency is important for businesses that need to capture and process real-time data.

Businesses benefit because employees can share large files, collaborate on projects, and communicate with customers or partners without interruption or delay.

Employees can also access data and resources stored in the cloud or available online in a timely manner. Workflow efficiencies have the potential to support research, analysis, and better decision-making.

Reliable and ready for future growth.

Nuvera maintains a 1,400-mile fiber network and three data centers monitored by experienced IT staff. That creates a consistent connection with redundancies that provide 99.98% network availability to minimize unexpected outages.

Nuvera’s fiber network also is ready to grow with your business.  Scale up service any time with the help of Nuvera’s local business team.
At Nuvera, our NuFiber Internet is built for business. We take a personalized approach to develop the technology connections that are just right for your business. To learn more about Nuvera fiber internet for business, contact 844.610.5300 or complete our online form for a consultation.

Download Advantages of Fiber Internet PDF

Advantages of Fiber Internet PDF