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Bringing Fiber Optic Internet Service
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Our fiber expansion continues across our service area and beyond to bring 100% fiber optic internet service to your community. While construction is temporary, we understand you may have questions about the process. Please be assured that we will do our best to minimize the impact to your property.

Watch an overview video about our fiber optic expansion project.

If construction is active in your neighborhood, you can read about the construction and restoration process, Nuvera’s investment in your community and why it’s best to sign up early. Learn more about construction in your area.

Nuvera Fiber Construction Process

fiber timeline

After construction is complete, restoration will be a two-part process:

  • First step is to ensure the construction area is safe, by filling holes with sand.  This allows time for settling before final restoration.
  • Next step is for the contractor to return and complete the site restoration. The final restoration includes filling the impacted areas with black dirt/topsoil and grass seed.
  • Please submit a restoration ticket if you have any questions or concerns.

Check your address for service availability or if your area is currently under construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NID?

A NID (Network Interface Device) is the equipment that will be placed on the outside of your home or business connecting you to the Nuvera network.

What is a pedestal and what does it do?

A telecommunications pedestal is a metal or plastic box that grants access to underground fiber optic cable for technicians. A pedestal allows technicians to quickly and easily access fiber for splicing and other vital actions needed for implementing or repairing the connection to your home.

What happens to my lawn when you bury the fiber to my home?

Nuvera will indicate in the right-of-ways where the fiber will be placed. Flags or paint markings will be placed. All public utilities in the construction areas will be marked by the respective utility company. Please do not remove any flags or paint markings. Flags will be removed after construction is complete and paint markings will fade on their own.

Nuvera will restore any disruption to your lawn/landscaping after fiber is buried to your home. This will be a two-part process:

    • First step is to fill holes with sand, which allows time for settling before final restoration while making the construction area safe for children, pets, etc.
    • Next step is for the contractor to return and complete the site restoration after construction is complete. This includes filling the impacted areas with black dirt/topsoil and grass seed.

Homeowners are responsible for locating and marking any private underground facilities such as: invisible fencing, irrigation lines, private power, etc. For more information, go to https://www.gopherstateonecall.org/homeowners.

What happens if my lawn/landscaping is damaged?

In the unlikely event that there is a significant disruption to your property, Nuvera guarantees the restoration of any landscaping, etc.

Do I have to have the fiber equipment installed in/at my home?

In order to take advantage of fiber Internet, you will need fiber equipment installed at your house. Nuvera’s crews and our construction partners will install all the equipment needed to implement fiber Internet in your home. If the equipment is installed during our construction phase, there is no charge to the property owner.

Will I be charged for the installation of the fiber facilities installed at my home or business?

Installation of the fiber facilities and equipment will be free if household signs up for presale service, and fiber facilities are installed during the construction phase of the project. Current Nuvera customers are required to transition to our new fiber network and will be done at no charge.

What happens if I don't have the fiber equipment installed when the construction crews are working in my area?

It is best to have the fiber equipment installed when our crews are in your area. Service must be established within 60 days of becoming available or a $250 construction fee will be charged. If our crew does not install the fiber equipment at the same time as the rest of your neighborhood and you decide at some point in the future you want to move ahead with Nuvera high-speed fiber Internet, you can call our office and schedule a time for our crew to come back out and complete the line to your home. A $250 construction fee will apply or will be waived if you commit to a 2-year agreement.

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1 Limited time offer. If you are not completely satisfied with your Nuvera Internet experience within the first 30 days after installation, Nuvera will give you your money back for Internet services that were billed during this time. Your disconnection request must be made within 30 days of installation to take advantage of the Money Back Guarantee. Offer is limited to new Nuvera customers without service in the past 12 months with newly added Nuvera Internet and/or Home Wi-Fi service. Please allow 4-8 weeks for refund credit on your Nuvera bill.

2 All construction costs will be waived if household signs up for presale service before or during construction in your area. Over $400 in savings includes $250 construction, $150 installation and $60 activation fees. Service must be established within 60 days of becoming available or a $250 construction fee will be charged. If service is requested after construction has ended, a $250 construction fee may apply, or will be waived if customer commits to a 2-year agreement.