Internet FAQs

How do I enable SMTP Authentication?

Learn how to enable SMTP authentication for iPhone/iPad, Android, Outlook, and MacMail with our SMTP Authentication guide.

Why Is my Internet so slow?

Your internet may be slow beacuse of its bandwidth. Internet with higher bandwidth, or speed, gives you a faster and better experience than internet with lower bandwidth. Learn more about bandwidth and internet speeds.

What should I do if my email is blocked?

If you have received notification that an email message you sent has been blocked, it could be caused by several reasons. Please confirm the email address you used was correct. If this was not the issue, please contact us for help determining the cause of the message.

Why is the Internet not working on my computer?

There are a number of reasons that can cause an intermittent or failing connection. If you are experiencing a problem with your Internet connection, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you troubleshoot. If you’d like to troubleshoot yourself first, you can try these methods.

How do I delete messages when my mailbox is over quota?

1. Log in to your Nuvera e-mail.

2. Click on Webmail.

3. Choose Webmail Lite or Tuxedo. Instructions for each are the same.

4. On the bottom left side, you will see a pie chart with your percentage used.

5. To delete messages, choose from one of the following:

a) Click on the message and then click delete on top.

b) Click on the first message, hold shift to select adjacent messages, and then click delete on top.

c) On the bottom, there is a ‘select’ drop down box. You can choose the option that best suits your needs, and then click delete at the top.

6. After you are done deleting messages click “Refresh” in the upper left of your screen.

7. The “Quota Usage” percentage will update.

Please note that if your “Quota Usage” exceeds 100% you will not be able to receive any new messages. If you receive an email related to exceeding your email account quota, please contact Nuvera for tips on freeing up space and other options.

How do I setup my email on a new device?

Please refer to our email settings page for more information on how to set up your email.

Do you provide SPAM filtering? How do I sign up?

Yes, SPAM filtering is automatically included with your Nuvera email account.  You can go to if you would like to check if any emails have been stopped, or to add email addresses to your block list and safe list.

How do I check my email when I am away from home?

You can use the Webmail system to check your email from any Internet enabled computer.

How can I receive the same emails on multiple devices?

The best way to do this would be to sign up for our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service.  This service will allow you to sync all your data associated with your email account.  This includes messages, contacts and calendar information.

A second option would be to set up your email as IMAP in your email client (ex – Windows Mail or Outlook).  Please see the Email Setup Instructions for information on how to do this by clicking on your email client.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Technical Support Team to assist you.

Digital TV FAQs

Watch TV on your smart devices

Nuvera’s Watch TV Everywhere allows you to watch TV wherever you have an internet connection, on any of your smart devices. Read about the different ways you can take advantage of Nuvera’s WTVE service here.

How can I know the amount of storage space available on my DVR?

You can view the current amount of storage space available on your DVR by going to MenuSettingsGeneralSystemInformationSystem Resources.  On the bottom of the screen, it will show your “Disk Usage: % remaining.”

How long will my DVR recordings be saved? Will they delete after a specific amount of time?

The system will default to only save your DVR recordings until space is needed.  You can change this setting to “Keep Until I Erase” when scheduling any of your recordings.

What do I need to do to get HD?

You will need two things to get HD:

  1. An integrated HDTV or an HD-upgradable (or HD-ready, HD-compatible) TV
  2. Subscription to Nuvera HD service

Voice FAQs

What are the monthly charges on my phone bill?

911 Charge – A 911 charge is a fee assessed by the state and sent to the county to pay for 911 emergency services for the state.

FCC End User Charge – Fee ordered by the Federal Communication Commission as part of a move away from charging customers more for long distance telephone service, in order to keep telephone rates low. The charge is used to recover portions of the cost of providing the telephone line from the customer to the local telephone company that in the past were recovered through long distance charges.This is sent to a Federal pool and then distributed.

Residence Line Charge – Monthly rate charged to connect a residential customer to the telephone network.

Business Line Charge – Monthly rate charged to connect a business customer to the telephone network.

Telephone Assistance Plan – This is a state mandated surcharge that enables a program to lower the cost of local phone service for persons who have a disability and meet income guidelines or who are at least 65 years of age and meet income guidelines.

Tele Relay Service Charge – This is a state mandated surcharge to help fund the cost of “translation” service for calls between people who have hearing or speech disabilities and voice telephone customers.

Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing FAQs

How do I enroll in paperless billing?

  1. Signing up is fast and easy. Go to and log in or create an on-line account. While in your account, simply click the box that says “Go Paperless” to enroll.
  2. After you’ve enrolled, your bill will be created and displayed online. You will receive an email notification when your bill is available to view online.
  3. You will need to log in to Nuvera’s secure on-line portal with your email address and password to view your invoice.

Can I continue to receive a paper invoice if I choose?

Yes. While we encourage all customers to enroll in paperless billing, we understand that there are some individuals who would prefer to receive a paper bill. To help offset a small portion of the cost to print and mail an invoice, customers who wish to receive a paper invoice will be charged a $2.50 monthly paper bill fee.

Who can access my electronic bill?

Only authorized account holders who have established a Nuvera e-billing account with email and password can access an e-billing account. Unless you provide your login information to someone else, you are. the only person who has access to your Nuvera account.

After I receive my electronic bill, how many days will I have to pay my bill?

The due date of your invoice will be clearly stated on your electronic invoice. In most cases, the electronic invoice is available to view several days before a paper bill is received in the mail.

If I receive a paperless bill, can I still pay my bill by mail, in the Nuvera drop box or at a retail office?

Customers should write their account number on their check. Cash should not be put in the Nuvera drop box.

Can I pay my e-bill online?

Just log in to My Bill Pay on the Nuvera website. Payments made using the online bill pay portal will post to your account immediately.

Nuvera Bill Pay

Bill Pay FAQs

How to add a method of payment

  1. Login to Nuvera Bill Pay.
  2. Click “Make A Payment”.
  3. Click “My Wallet”.
  4. Click “Add Payment Method”.
  5. Type in method information.
  6. Click “Add”.

How to add an auto pay schedule

Setting up an automatic pay schedule with Nuvera is easy! Learn how to set up automatic payments with our step-by-step guide.