How to Sign Up for a Nuvera Online Account and Paperless Billing

  1. Go to or select Manage My Account in the black top menu bar and click on Manage Your Account..

2. Click ‘Sign Up’

3.Fill out the Account SignUp page.

  • Choose your ‘Login Name’ – this should be ONE WORD, NO SPACES, and do NOT use your email address.
  • Create a strong password that is between 8-32 characters and includes 1 uppercase letter, 1 digit, and 1 of these special characters:!*$#^@
  • Customer Number: Delete the ‘0’ and enter your Customer Number that can be found on your most recent invoice.
  • Statement Number: Enter 001 or 002 (as noted on your statement).
  • Email Address: You only need to enter one email address. There is an OPTION to add a second email address if you like.
  • Create YOUR OWN security question and answer.

4. To sign up for Paperless Billing: Once your account is set up, log into your account. You will see ‘Go Paperless’ with a red box next to it. Check this red box.

After you check the red box, your account will say ‘Paperless Billing,’ which means you are now signed up for Paperless Billing.


Customers are receiving fraudulent phone calls about past due bills, demanding immediate payment and threatening disconnection. Please disregard and call us directly if you have questions.