Plain and simple: We won’t give out your personal information.

Nuvera does not give out or sell information about any customers that we gather from our website, mobile application or any other means of gathering customer information.

On our mobile application some of the user data that may be collected includes: name, email, address, location, phone number, contact book data, installed apps and screen recordings.

This data will only be used to assist in providing information about your current network status, and it will not be be shared with any third parties.

We do not give out the email addresses of our Internet subscribers or others who write to us by email.

We do not give out phone numbers of customers that have “non-published” service.

FCC Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

From time-to-time, Nuvera would like to notify you of additional products available from us outside the existing business relationship we have with you. For example, if you have our local voice service, you may be interested to learn about specials on our video and cellular services. However, you have the right to be excluded from these marketing campaigns. Please contact us if you prefer to be excluded from these marketing efforts.