Public Wi-Fi Locations

Man Using Public WiFi

New locations are added regularly.


Farmers Market
Glencoe Aquatic Center
Oak Leaf Park Campground


Aquatic Center
Burich Arena
Hockey Arena
Library Square
Masonic/West River Campground
McLeod County Fairgrounds
River Song Park
Roberts Park
The Depot
Veterans Memorial Park


Campground—Lake Ripley
Library Square Park
Meeker County Fairgrounds
Optimist Baseball Field
School Sites

New Ulm

Brown County Fairgrounds
German Park
Harman Park
Hermann Heights Park
Johnson Park—Baseball
Johnson Park—Football
Lincoln Park
Mueller Park
North Park
Washington Park

Sleepy Eye

Sportsman’s Park

Your Questions, Answered

Learn more about Nuvera public wi-fi and Home Wi-Fi options.

Just like your home Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi uses a wireless access point to connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the internet via a router or server.

Yes! Nuvera will continue to invest in new locations in the future. We are committed to keeping you connected, no matter where you are!

Signs will be posted wherever Nuvera’s Public Wi-Fi is available. Check our list of cities and locations to see if public Wi-Fi is available near you!

Everyone can access public Wi-Fi, so it’s best practice to use a VPN or install antivirus software beforehand. For more information about protecting your information, contact our TechTeam.


Customers are receiving fraudulent phone calls about past due bills, demanding immediate payment and threatening disconnection. Please disregard and call us directly if you have questions.