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Enjoy features like voicemail, voicemail to email, and on-screen caller ID with Nuvera’s phone technology services.

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Nuvera serves customers in several areas around the Minneapolis metro area, as well as rural customers outside of city limits.

Voicemail to email is a calling feature available through Nuvera, in which voicemail messages are transcribed and sent to your email address for more convenient access. With this convenient phone technology solution, you can check your landline’s voicemail from anywhere.

With this Nuvera calling feature, callers’ contact information is displayed directly on your digital television screen. Even if you’re away from your phone, you’ll be able to see who is calling.

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From nationwide talk and text to unlimited data options and beyond, we have the wireless phone options that meet your personal needs.

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Customers are receiving fraudulent phone calls about past due bills, demanding immediate payment and threatening disconnection. Please disregard and call us directly if you have questions.