TV Troubleshooting Guide

TV Troubleshooting Guide

Using these tips and tricks may help resolve any problems. If you are the type of person who likes to combat problems on your own, these TV troubleshooting tips are for you. If you would like support from one of our sales and support representatives or technicians, we are available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

A simple tip before you start: The set-top boxes are the individual equipment boxes located by each TV. The modem is the box that provides our Internet and TV services and will have an antenna and multiple blinking lights.

  1. Check if the problem is on all TVs or just one
    • If just one, reboot set-top box (STB) at that TV (unplug for 10 seconds)
  2. Check if the problem is on all channels or just one
    • Reboot modem
      • Unplug power for 1 minute, plug back in and give 1-2 minutes for modem to fully come back up
    • Unplug individual TV set top boxes (STB)
      • Unplug each box for 5-10 seconds after a minute of the modem being back on
  3. TV says “No Signal”
    • Is the screen blue with an X in it?
      • Unplug the modem and individual TV set-top boxes (STB)
    • Is the screen black with a  “no signal” moving around the screen or possibly just in the middle of the screen?
      • Check to make sure cables are tight, plugged in, and check your source or input is on
        the correct one

        • Ensure the TV is on channel 3
        • Tighten any cords and cables (RCA cables – AV 1,2 or Video 1,2; Component cables – Comp 1,2; HDMI Cable – HDMI 1,2)
      • If TV is on the correct input and there is still an issue
        • Unplug STB – Should see the power light flash and in 15-30 seconds there will be a Microsoft Media Room screen followed by a white Nuvera screen
          • If you don’t see these screens, the TV may be on the wrong input or there
            is an issue with the cable or input port

            • Change to the next input and see if there is any picture on TV
            • Try changing cable to a different input/port in the back of the TV, change
              input on TV to correspond

              • Try again
  4. DVR not showing up/recording
    • Unplug each individual TV STB
      • Test by recording a current show (hit the red record button on remote)
      • Possibly may need to redo scheduled recordings
  5. Multi-Room DVR not showing up/recording on 1 TV
    • Fully reboot of the modem, DVR STB, and all other STBs