Nuvera Communications Marks Gig City Project Milestone and Expands Build with New State Grant Funds

NEW ULM, Dec. 20, 2022 – Nuvera Communications, Inc., is pleased to mark the first-year milestone of the Nuvera Gig Cities fiber network expansion project with newly awarded DEED grant funds expanding service into rural Minnesota.

“We’ve taken a big leap forward this past year, Nuvera’s Gig City project got off the ground with significant planning, construction, and then roll out of the first fiber-to-the-home service to customers in nearly every community we serve,” said Glenn Zerbe, Chief Executive Officer, Nuvera Communications. “Now Nuvera’s investment of $200 million is getting additional momentum to go further into rural areas with more than
$8.6M in grants from DEED.”

Nuvera’s investment in fiber-to-the-home network infrastructure will allow more rural areas across Minnesota to leverage the quality of life and economic opportunity that access to a state-of-the-art network provides.

“Nuvera’s connections help our customers get remote work opportunities, run farming operations, connect to a virtual doctor visit, or a Sunday service online,” said Zerbe.
“We’ve worked hard with city, county, and community partners to earn DEED grants to extend the reach of Nuvera’s critical services into more rural unserved, and underserved areas.”

The grants Nuvera received from DEED are part of the Minnesota Border-to-Border Development Grant program. All Nuvera new build areas will get fiber-to-the-home or business with speeds up to 1 Gig symmetrical. Here are the DEED + Nuvera grant award locations and details:

DEED + Nuvera Hutchinson area grant
Grant funds will serve 300 unserved and 154 underserved in two areas of Hutchinson. The build areas are west of Cedar Mills near 610th Avenue to County Road 7. Then east of Hutchinson between Nature Avenue and Lace Avenue.

DEED funds- $1,840,250
Nuvera funding match – $2,249,194
Total project cost: $4,089,444

DEED + Nuvera Brown County area grant

The Nuvera Brown County project will serve 497 unserved and 181 underserved locations in rural areas including portions of Lake Hanska Township, Stark Township and Milford Township. The build also reaches the city of Essig and areas north and south of state highway 14.

DEED funds – $3,839,000
Nuvera funding match – $3,839,000
Total project cost: $7,678,000

DEED + Nuvera Cedar Lake Township

The Nuvera Cedar Lake Township and New Market Township project reaches rural areas of Scott County. This last mile project will serve 439 unserved and 133 underserved locations.
DEED funds – $2,436,427
Nuvera funding match – $2,977,856
Total project cost: $5,414,283

DEED + Nuvera Nicollet County grant

The Nuvera Nicollet County grant will build an area east of Courtland and south of Swan Lake. The project area runs along highway 14 and also south of the highway. Grant funds allow the build to reach 23 unserved locations and 68 underserved locations in the area.

DEED funds – $479,011
Nuvera funding match – $479,011
Total project cost: $958,022