Home Wi-Fi: Elevate Your Connected Experience!

It’s human nature to want the best; and Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi unleashes the true power of a managed home connection providing you the best possible experience. In a world with a rapidly evolving landscape of smart homes, connected devices, and remote work for employees, your connection is of paramount importance and the features surrounding that connection need to be equally impressive. 

Our Home Wi-Fi is conveniently built in two packages, giving you the flexibility to select what level of control and protection is best for your home. 

Functionality of Home Wi-Fi

​In just seconds you can easily handle simple, yet essential functions such as resetting or changing your Wi-Fi password, running bandwidth tests to ensure network speed, sharing your Wi-Fi password, or creating guest networks so visitors can quickly get online without their devices inadvertently bringing harm into your home. Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi also provides the power to gain complete visibility into your managed home internet with basic parental controls allowing you to add and remove devices as you see fit. 

In addition to all the features provided with Home Wi-fi, our Premium package includes more robust network protection as well as our most advanced parental controls. This Premium Home Wi-Fi solution comes with all the following:

Advanced Parental Controls

​Parents, ever wish you had the superpower to protect your children from the endless threats of online harm? With Home Wi-Fi Premium from Nuvera, you can easily create online profiles for each member of a household and enforce rules tied to specific devices. Finally get the peace of mind knowing your child is safe-guarded from inappropriate or harmful content. These advanced parental controls even allow for the prioritization of certain devices over others and can filter out content you deem unsuitable. Additionally, you can place time limits on how long certain applications can be used for or even schedule times to prevent these users/devices from accessing the internet. 

Network-wide Security

​With cybersecurity becoming more and more critical in everyday life, rest assured that Nuvera has you protected with another Home Wi-Fi Premium feature. Think about your home, an unsecure internet connection is just like leaving your front door wide open overnight; something none of us would do given the risks. This network-level security application from Nuvera works quietly in the background and proactively keeps malicious content or intrusions away from homes 24/7. Simply put, if it’s connected, it’s protected!

Easy Ownership

​Even with all this power and protection at your fingertips, Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fistreamlines your home connection process as you avoid the hassle of purchasing and installing an additional router. Nuvera provides the professional installation of our gateway device called a Gigaspire, which is all you’ll need! Plus, Nuvera handles the management of the Gigispire as well as any required updates or troubleshooting down the line. And if that wasn’t easy enough, all these great features are completely controlled by a single Nuvera IQ app, available for free in the App Store or Google Play.

​Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi is available for only $6.95 per month and Home Wi-Fi Premium for just $12.95. However, activate our Fiber Internet of 500 Mbps or Gig speeds and the Premium Home Wi-Fi package is included absolutely FREE!

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