Nationwide Wireless

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Cell Phone Users

Unlimited Wireless Bundles

Our best discounted bundle rates for those with Nuvera Internet.

One Line

  • $45/Month

20 GB & 5 GB Hotspot

Two or More Lines

  • $30/Month

20 GB & 5 GB Hotspot
Add up to 10 lines


  • $80/Month

15 GB


  • $90/Month

25 GB
720p Streaming Quality


  • $90/Month

50 GB
480p Streaming Quality


  • $100/Month

75 GB

Mother and daughter sitting on a couch at home using a smartphone

Shared & Family Plans

These plans include unlimited talk,
unlimited text, and shared data.

Additional lines available at $35 per line.

Shared Lite

  • $65/Month

5 GB Data

Shared Plus

  • $75/Month

5 GB Data

Individual Plans

Perfect for people who just need the basics.


  • $15/Month

250 Minutes
No Text or Data

Talk/Text Lite

  • $65/Month

Unlimited Talk/Text
500 MB Data

Talk/Text Plus

  • $65/Month

Unlimited Talk/Text
5 GB Data

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Customers are receiving fraudulent phone calls about past due bills, demanding immediate payment and threatening disconnection. Please disregard and call us directly if you have questions.