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Get rid of slow, buffering Internet once and for all.  Choose the speed for your specific requirements.


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Enjoy a fast, reliable connection while also meeting both your speed and budget needs.


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Get 24/7 local support, connect multiple devices and stay connected to what matters to you.

Ask About Nuvera Home Wi-Fi with the Nuvera IQ App

Home Wi-Fi

Nuvera's Home Wi-Fi eliminates the need to purchase a router and provides the convenience of setup at installation and maintenance and troubleshooting if you experience issues. We will also assist you with your password if it's lost or needs resetting.

Expanded Wi-Fi

Nuvera's Expanded Wi-Fi allows you to amplify your Wi-Fi signal across areas of your house that your router may not reach, particularly if you have a large house or if your main router is not in a central location.

Nuvera IQ App

With Nuvera Home Wi-fi you can access the Nuvera IQ App.  This app allows you to take advantage of features such as parental controls, network usage information, network security monitoring and more.

“We love that Nuvera is right here in our home town.  We love the friendly, helpful people at our office, the tech support, and we love the service!”

Richard and Jill K.

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