Windows 7 and Microsoft Exchange 2010 End of Support: What You Should Know

Microsoft Windows 7 support ends January 14, 2020, and Microsoft Exchange 2010 support ends October 13, 2020. If you use these products, it is necessary for you to consider new equipment for your business during the new year.

What does Microsoft end of support mean?

Microsoft ends support on its products, so they can focus on supporting newer and better technologies. Once Microsoft decides to end support on a product there will be no patches, bug fixes, new functionality, or security updates, and they will set higher fees to provide support.

If you’re using any of the products Microsoft is ending support on, and do not update your equipment, you will be at advanced risk of security and compliance issues. While still being able to use Windows 7 and Exchange 2010, businesses that fail to upgrade are more susceptible to malware attacks. This may also impact productivity and will cost you over time, so it’s vital you take action before the support end dates.

Which Microsoft products are coming to the end of their support? 

January 14, 2020

  • Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2
  • Windows 7

October 13, 2020

  • Exchange Server 2010

What are your options? 

  1. Move to Windows 10
    The recommended upgrade from Windows 7 would be to Windows 10. It is likely that the specs of your Windows 7 machines would provide a poor experience if you were to upgrade to the Windows 10 software, so your best bet is to upgrade workstations to new Windows 10 computers.
  1. Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2019 or Microsoft Office 365
    The latest version of Exchange is now 2019, and the system requirements have increased significantly. Microsoft has stated that if you are looking for features and collaboration, moving to the cloud-based Office 365 is preferred.For organizations where legal and compliance requirements restrict a complete move to a Microsoft hosted and managed cloud, Exchange 2019 is the route to take, but expect increased system requirements and costs. Nuvera IT experts would be able to speak with you about your specific business needs and give you a final recommendation.

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