Power Through Outages with Backup Power

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Guard Your Gadgets with Nuvera’s Backup Power

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All-in-one solutions for battery backup and surge protection

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Shields devices from power surges

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Includes a USB port for mobile devices

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Power and Protection

Nuvera’s Backup Power provides temporary power, plus protects your devices from damaging power surges.  

Only $89.99. One time charge.

Your Battery Backup Questions, Answered

Learn more about Nuvera’s Backup Power.

It has a capacity of 600VA / 330 watts, which can provide temporary power to run essential devices like a computer, monitor and router. The length of backup power varies and is dependent on the load.

It has 7 outlets. Five provide both surge protection and battery backup and 2 provide surge protection only.  

Yes, there is 1 USB charging port offering a convenient way to charge your phone or other devices.

Yes, the battery is replaceable.  

Visit any local Nuvera retail store, or request one when ordering your internet service and our Field Service Technician will bring one to your home.

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The Backup Power unit is a temporary power source in the event of an electrical outage.   Estimated use expectancy varies and is dependent on variables including but not limited to proper installation, proper charging and the condition and age of the battery. The manufacturer and seller of this battery backup system make no guarantees, representations, or warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding the reliability, functionality, or suitability of this product for any specific purpose. Some restrictions may apply.  Call for details.


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