5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Network Assessment

A network assessment is one of the best things your business can do to ensure proper functionality, interconnectivity, increased productivity and reduced downtime. Vulnerabilities in your network performance can wreak havoc on the workplace, causing interruptions and security issues.

Most small to medium-sized businesses do not staff IT network technicians, which means the network is left up to executives and high-level managers who may not have the IT comprehension to keep up with new hardware and software.

These are the 5 things a business IT network assessment will tell you:

1. Network Performance Issues

A network assessment will reveal the quality and performance of your network connections, inform your business which services and processes are suffering from network connectivity problems, and will paint a picture of how and where your business network can improve.

2. Security Assessment

Assessing the network of your business also includes analyzing the security of it. You’ll want to catch cybersecurity risks to protect against data breaches. Companies of all shapes and sizes across all industries are targeted by cybercriminals whose actions can cause financial and reputational damage that might not be overcome. Nuvera’s managed IT professionals can help identify weaknesses and mimic attacks on your network with a vulnerability assessment.

3. Capacity and Storage Issues

A business network assessment will give you valuable capacity and storage metrics for CPUs, memory, disks and drives. These issues easily bog down your network, making productivity and speeds suffer. The main issues of concern within a business network are bandwidth and current capacity utilization.

4. Network-related vs. User-related Problems

Using network monitoring software, Nuvera managed IT can help detect whether your issues are network or user-related. They can then diagnose and resolve these issues before outages may occur, mitigating the risk of downtime. A network assessment will look into computer viruses, Internet connectivity issues, IP addresses, slow computer performance, and VPN errors.

5. Networks and Servers in Multiple Locations

Some businesses have offices or branches in separate locations but need to all be connected to the same network for the timely sharing of information and data. A network assessment helps businesses create efficient communication between multiple offices. Most companies opt to install legacy infrastructures, such as servers and databases, but technology has rapidly advanced into the cloud, virtual private networks and remote desktops. A professional network assessment will decipher the right technologies to connect multiple locations.

The local managed IT services team at Nuvera will partner with you to help identify and resolve system failures and network exposures through a free network assessment. Our IT technicians will work with your business to prevent both security and productivity issues that have arisen from a poorly functioning network.

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