Ethernet vs. Fiber Internet: Picking the Right Solution for Your Business

Today’s world is increasingly interconnected and all businesses need an internet connection that is strong, secure and reliable. Selecting the right solutions for your business may seem complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s all about understanding your business and finding the right solution to fit your needs.

Ethernet Internet Access vs. Fiber Internet for Business

Growing businesses can find their perfect solution with business connectivity services offered through Ethernet or fiber internet for business.

Understanding how the services work and the needs of your business will help determine which solution is right for you.

Ethernet vs Fiber InternetEthernet Explained

Ethernet is a secure, reliable and private connection for enterprise businesses or for businesses who require the highest-level of security and reliability.

Ethernet allows multiple business locations to connect and easily communicate with each other.

A simple way to think about Ethernet is it’s like a roadway that connects to each business location and every device for your business, providing a seamless and customized path for your network to communicate and share data from one place to another.

Connectivity with Ethernet scales to the very highest customizable speeds supported by Nuvera’s fiber network.

Fiber Internet for Business

Fiber internet for business is a fast, reliable, high-performance connection that powers the day-to-day operations of small and mid-sized businesses. Fiber allows for seamless, stable connections for video conferencing, digital applications and business file sharing.

Many businesses see an advantage and switch from business broadband delivered over copper to fiber, because of the speed, reliability and capacity fiber delivers, and all with no data caps.

Fiber can transmit data at faster speeds, which improves productivity for every aspect of a business connection. Fiber’s speed is easily upgradeable, so businesses can get the right speed today and scale up as the business grows.

Fiber is also a popular choice for businesses who rely on fast access to the cloud because its symmetrical upload and download speeds deliver a seamless user experience.

Ethernet vs. Internet

Breaking down the pros and cons.



  • Dedicated support team with priority accessibility
  • Service Level Agreement included*
  • Symmetrical download/upload speeds
  • Best for cloud apps, VoIP, backup, email, photo, video and VPN
  • 99% of uptime
  • Trouble ticket prioritization
  • Last mile bandwidth is dedicated – no sharing
  • Enterprise grade product – provides mission
  • critical service levels
  • Uptime/performance
  • Consistent bandwidth at contracted speeds
  • Included static IP – up to 5 free
  • Proactive circuit monitoring of capacity, uptime and errors


  • Cost is higher to deploy due to dedicated connection
  • 45-90 day installation timeframe

Fiber Internet


  • Cost effective for small-medium businesses
  • Fast installation
  • Wide-spread availability
  • Symmetrical speeds


  • Pooled/shared technology
  • No service level agreements
  • VoIP and cloud applications are subject to some technology limitations

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