Three Benefits A Hosted Dedicated Server Will Provide Your Small Business

Three Benefits A Hosted Dedicated Server Will Provide Your Small Business

Want to ensure your business’s data is more reliable and secure? An investment in a hosted dedicated server will protect your business from internal and external network security threats. With Nuvera, you will get a dedicated connection from our office to your business, that will not use your bandwidth, and all your data will be stored and backed up in our secure servers.

Additional reliability and credibility for your business
With a hosted dedicated server, power, storage, and bandwidth are exclusive to your business. Nuvera data centers help maximize uptime and combat PC failure through redundant networks. These redundant networks are a backup plan for any type of situation. They will ensure you network access in the event of a primary unit, hardware or power failure.

Your valuable business information will be protected from disasters and data loss
Important data is protected in a physical server housed at Nuvera in the event of natural disasters. If something unfortunate were to happen to your business, our local support team would get you access to your files and data in a timely manner. With your server being replicated across Nuvera’s fully managed data centers, it can easily be restored in a failover location should a disaster strike.

Your business will no longer need to worry about failing hardware or software. Nuvera’s redundant systems will help restore your operating systems in the event of a server failure or catastrophic event.

Increase network security between departments
A hosted dedicated server will provide your business with secure data between departments. Human Resources, Sales, Administration and any other department within your company will have their own network drive. These drives are dedicated to these specific teams, deterring unauthorized access.

Your company network will get direct VLAN access to your hosted server. Other hosted servers traverse the Internet, but a Nuvera hosted server protects your business from that.

When you configure a hosted dedicated server with Nuvera, your data and hardware will be replicated and secure. Our staff of experts will work with you to determine your company’s needs. If you are searching for a dedicated server hosting solution, let’s connect to discuss your options.


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