New 924 Area Code Preparing for Rollout in Southern Minnesota

New Ulm, Minnesota (January 23, 2024)– Nuvera Communications, Inc. (OTC: NUVR) a diversified communications company, is helping communities prepare for a new area code in southern Minnesota.

The new 924-area code will be rolled out in the southern Minnesota region currently using the 507-area code. The area includes Albert Lea, Austin, Fairmont, Mankato, New Ulm, Northfield, Rochester, Winona, Worthington, and other smaller surrounding communities.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved the new 924-area code to ensure enough access to numbers to serve people and businesses in the area. The 507-area code has been in place since 1954 and is projected to run out of numbers by 2025.

All Southern Minnesota customers in the 507/924 area code region will need to begin using all 10-digits when they place a local call.

924-Area Code Rollout Timeframe

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has created the following 924-area code rollout timeframe:

  • On January 30, 2024, all residents and businesses begin the transition to 10-digit calling (3-digit area code + 7-digit telephone number) by adding the area code to all local calls. All calls will go through during a six-month transition period.
  • Beginning July 30, 2024, residents and businesses must include the area code + number on all calls. If the area code is not included, a recording will instruct the caller to try again and include the area code.
  • Effective August 30, 2024, new numbers may be assigned the 924 area code. Expect 10-digit local calling to include both 507 and 924 numbers.

Tips to Transition to 10-Digit Dialing

  • Check mobile phone contacts to ensure all local numbers saved as 7-digits are updated to dial 10-digits. Even local calls from one 507 number to another 507 number, must include the area code.Inventory devices and services where numbers are stored and make a plan to update them. This may include security systems, health care alert devices, pet ID tags and more.
  • Local businesses should plan to communicate to customers a full 10-digit number with area code for customer awareness and to avoid disruption.
  • No area code is required to dial 3-digit service numbers including 911, 811, 988 and others where available.

If you have questions about the new 924 area code contact Nuvera at 844.354.4111.  To read more information visit NANPA : Press Releases (

Additional information also available at: New Area Code 924 / Public Utilities Commission (

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