Disaster Recovery Plans Help Your Business Prepare For Downtime

Nuvera’s Disaster Recovery Helps Assure Your Business Is Prepared

Disasters come in many forms. This can include power failure, cyber-attacks, failed updates, and server issues, or natural disasters such as floods, fires, and tornadoes. Data loss and downtime can be extremely costly to businesses of all sizes. Is your business prepared? Nuvera’s Disaster Recovery services ensure your data, key personnel and functions, and essential services continue operation with minimal downtime.

Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan Before Disaster Strikes

In Minnesota, a business disaster can come in many forms, and it’s necessary to put a risk assessment plan in place to stay prepared. This will help in restoring and accessing data in the event of a tragedy that destroys part or all of your business’ resources.

Unfortunately, three out of four small businesses have no disaster recovery plan in place. This has left 93% of companies without Disaster Recovery who suffer a major data disorder out of business within one year. When disaster hits, the downtime can last for days or even weeks.

With cloud-based Disaster Recovery, your important data will be backed up and hosted on two separate, secure servers in Nuvera data centers. If an outage were to affect your business, your team would be able to access important files, documents, and systems within hours, substantially lowering the recovery time.

Just backing up your data isn’t enough. Companies need a tested Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for the prevention and recovery from potential threats if they want to keep their company fully protected. Remember, if you aren’t properly prepared, you may be setting yourself up for disaster.

Don’t take the risk of lost time, data and credibility. Be safe and have a plan in place by contacting Nuvera for a free consultation.

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