The Future Moves Fast(er)

Nuvera’s Gig Cities construction is well underway for the second year.

Nuvera is investing $200 million dollars into the largest infrastructure project in company history, building fiber connections that are fast, reliable, and ready for what’s next.

Nuvera’s teams are experienced experts at managing our network to deliver fast, reliable connections to our customers. When Nuvera’s network experienced unprecedented shifts in demand during the pandemic, our teams proactively monitored network capacity and moved quickly to engineer and scale up the network in real-time to ensure the highest quality service to our customers.

The current data and trends show the steady growth in internet usage in everyday lives will continue to increase exponentially. Consider:

  • Broadband usage has doubled in the last 5 years by consumers.
  • Nuvera’s average customer is increasing in use by 25% every year.
  • The average home is predicted to have 20 connected devices by 2025.

Our investment in building a 100% fiber-optic network will meet these demands now and into the future.

The next big leap forward in unprecedented demand is probably closer than we think. This year, Amazon streamed a series of NFL football games with a record 15 million streaming viewers. The Super Bowl had the largest streaming audience in history. As sports fans migrate to streaming and live events continue to attract the largest audiences in history, this will be a big test for wireless 5G and other internet providers who may not have the network capacity to deliver a winning performance.

Gamers already know, Nuvera’s fiber is the way to level up. On new game release days, Nuvera’s network is carefully monitored for increased activity. Nuvera’s symmetrical speed means you get in the game fast without the latency lags that can cost you a win.

Nuvera is hard at work, connecting customers lives to the fiber network that’s powered up and ready for today, tomorrow and the game days of the future.